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Kings Heath Boys

Curriculum Statement

The Kings Heath Boys curriculum includes the formal programs of lessons, the quality relationships amongst pupils and their teachers and the values and activities fostered by the school. It includes all those activities, which promote the intellectual, personal, social and physical development of pupils through enrichment lessons that offer many opportunities and challenges. As a school we have focus groups that extend students within their own identified groups. 

The school seeks to develop in every pupil a sense of self-worth. It provides access to understanding, knowledge and skills and lays the foundation for a life-long enjoyment of learning. It supports pupils in their efforts to make the most of all their abilities and encourages them to develop an enquiring attitude and a confident and creative approach to life. The school values the pupil’s initiative, self-discipline and sense of responsibility.  

Every pupil is entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum that provides access to the appropriate areas of the National CurriculumInclusion and equality of opportunity underpins the provision and delivery of all areas of the curriculum. The school aims to ensure pupils experience a curriculum that is relevant to their experiences and needs. 


The core curriculum for all pupils will include:




Information and Communication Technology


Physical Education


Religious Education (parents may request that their child is withdrawn from formal religious education lessons)

Personal Social Health Education- delivered within and across the curriculum as well as themed sessions

Technology and Arts


The curriculum holds British values at its core whilst valuing, celebrating and building on religious and cultural heritage to develop a sense of identity. The community at Kings Heath Boys is fortunate to have students and staff from different backgrounds that enrich our school life. Cultural diversity and respect for each other are celebrated and reflected across the whole curriculum.


Curriculum Overviews for

Year 7 and Year 8

Please find the Curriculum Overviews for Key Stage Three below.
Year 7 Curriculum OverviewYear 8 Curriculum Overview

Assessment of pupils learning occurs on a termly basis and should ensure that all pupils have an awareness of their progress and understanding and should be used as a basis for developing teaching and learning strategies. Recognition of pupils' achievement is an important element of promoting self-confidence. A system of target setting and review alongside pupil records of achievement provides a framework for monitoring and recording pupil achievements and development through the school.

Exam Board Subjects List

AQA - Business & Communication Systems, Drama, D&T: Product Design, English Language, English Literature, French, Geography and Music

EDEXCEL - Additional Science, Arabic, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, ESOL, History, Mathematics, Physical Education, Physics, Higher Project Psychology, Religious Studies, Science, Statistics and Urdu

OCR - Art & Design, Computing and French

FSMQ - Additional Mathematics and Spanish

WJEC - Media Studies and ICT