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Curriculum, Examination and Performance Measures

Curriculum Statement

The Kings Heath Boys curriculum is founded upon the three central pillars of Achievement, Character and Experience, known as ACE. These pillars are designed to ensure our school provides a happy, caring environment where all our students feel safe to achieve the very best they can. This is underpinned by our Kings Heath values - determination, passion, respect, honesty, self-belief and teamwork - that sits at the heart of our curriculum and aims to empower each student to develop the attitudes and learning qualities to thrive in every aspect of their lives.


Consequently, we aim to ensure our ACE curriculum nurtures and challenges all students through its personalised, diverse and inclusive approach to their studies and in students’ personal development. Our aim is that all our learners participate in a wide range of opportunities and partake in multiple experiences that: enrich character; strengthen resilience and emotional wellbeing; promote healthy, active lifestyles; emphasise socially aware attitudes; and build an appreciation for lifelong learning.

Furthermore, it is our intent that all students are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum that develops lively, enquiring minds who acquire a wide range knowledge and skills, including high levels of proficiency in literacy, numeracy and ICT skills, to support our students to achieve well and become active, responsible citizens ready to take their place in further education and employment.


Our curriculum is structured to ensure that all subjects have developed a coherently planned and sequenced curriculum that aims to build cumulatively students’ knowledge and skills, which incorporates key formative and summative assessment opportunities designed to help our students achieve well. These plans are built on the key pillars of long term and medium term plans, organised into a three-year Key Stage 3 and two-year Key Stage 4, that maps our overall curriculum and the individual building blocks that sit within the curriculum.

The curriculum additionally holds British values at its core whilst celebrating and building on our cultural heritage to develop a sense of identity that enriches our school life. Consequently, the

learning values of our students is recognised and celebrated in both the school curriculum, including its wider learning offer through PSHE and enrichment; and in its partnerships beyond the school, including the Kings Heath Sports Partnerships, and the Hippodrome Education Partnership.

Furthermore, the curriculum enables our students to make well-informed choices about their own pathways during their time at Kings Heath Boys and in making choices about their potential future destinations and careers through the multiple experiences they will have with employers, colleges and universities. These experiences will broaden their ambitions and ensure that students have a clear and deep understanding of the learning and careers opportunities available to them in Birmingham, United Kingdom and the wider world.


To that end our ambitious curriculum will aim to ensure that all our students achieve well and are prepared for life beyond school whilst being balanced and appropriate to the individual needs of every learner. Consequently, our students will develop in all aspects of life, understanding how to engage with society, be ready for the next stage in their education whatever that may be and be prepared to take up their role as fully active participants in society, with high employability skills and well placed to serve and contribute to their communities.


For enquiries related to the curriculum, please contact Mr McMillan: a.mcmillan@khb.bham.sch.uk


Approach to Equality Act 2010

SEND Regulations 2014