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Reyaansh Joshi AMA

Recently, Reyaansh Joshi sat down with the 7K3 english class to read from his book 'An Alien's Biography: Life on Earth' and took questions from the students. You can read the full AMA below.

 Young Author Reyaansh Joshi taking questions from students at Kings Heath Boys School


Q - How long did it take you to write this book?

A - 9 months


Q - Did anybody help you?

A - The publishers had a proof reader, they read through the whole book to check if there were any mistakes.


Q - Did you use a typewriter

A - No, I wrote it in Microsoft Word.


Q - Who designed the front cover?

A - The publisher hired a designer who gave us 3 options to choose from.


Q - Where can I get the book?

A - From Amazon


Q - I’m writing a book myself, what advice do you have for me?

A - Use a wide vocabulary


Q - How did you come up with the story

A - Most of the book is based on my dreams.


Q - Why did you decide to write a book

A - I used to describe my dreams to my mother and one day she said to me “Why don’t you write a book?” And I thought it was a good idea.


Q - Who inspired you?

A - My mother.


Q - How did you get in touch with the publisher?

A - I wrote the first 4 pages and sent that out to multiple people. You need to find the right people who publish your genre.


Q - How many languages is the book in?

A - Just English.


Q - How many books have you sold?

A - Last time I checked it was 70 books.


Q - Do you want to make another one?

A - I have started another book, but it is absolutely different.


Q - How many chapters are there?

A - There are no chapters, it is one long story.


Q - When was it first published?

A - Three weeks ago.


Q - When you are older, would you like to make a film or short movie from this story?

A - No.


Q - Do you want to become an author?

A - I am an author.


Thank you Reyaansh for sharing your experiences with the class and thanks 7k3 for your delightful and insightful questions.